The Portugal Steel project, contains within itself the ambition of an entire sector whose importance to the national economy has been proved vital, through the solid companies’ dynamics and its strong export component.

The objectives of Portugal Steel could not be less ambitious than the project itself, intending to become a stronger national and international projection of the Portuguese steel and composite construction sector, highlighting the benefits of this construction method.

The steelwork construction compared to traditional construction, assumes clear advantages. These benefits, which one as the basic elements of the message Portugal Steel, are the following:


Steel Construction can mark out the factors that influence the durability (constituent materials, the execution process, corrosion protection, environment), enabling high reliable results. The steel construction offers a wide range of materials, from structural steel for broad applications of high strength aluminum alloys. These allow to ensure durability that is intended for a given application. They also allow, in the execution process, whether in the substrate preparation level or in the application of anticorrosion treatments a control of the process leading to the assurance of protection qualityapplied to the structure. A steel construction allows the audacity to show itself and to last in time with materials such as high resistency steel to atmospheric corrosion and like aluminum alloys, offering solutions of broad spectrum, therefore being a high flexible solution of first choise.


Unlike traditional concrete construction, steel is infinitely renewable, not losing its characteristics, properties or qualities, promoting the sustainable use of it. In parallel, the metal construction is recognize as cleaner and simpler construction processes, thereby contributing to a more sustainable development and with a reduced negative impact on the environment. Steel Construction has also been a widely used solution in projects related to green and renewable energy projects increasingly seen as fundamental key to the development of humanity

Economic importance

The Steelwork Construction has suffered from the current economic climate, however it demonstrated a unique ability to respond to the stagnation experienced in the construction sector in general. This dynamics in the Portuguese Steelwork construction is especially noticeable in the sector's internationalization, which is strongly present in Africa, in where it has contributed decisively to the local development through the construction of important infrastructures, and in Europe, competing with the major economies of the continent, and also in South America, where it is a present in the most iconic works built in Brazil. The steel construction sector also has a high economic and social importance, as it is responsible for employing thousands of people, generating an assignable portion of international GDP and ensuring a leading position in exports.